A Little About Me…

I am consistently inconsistent.

I love writing; that’s not to say that I am any good at it. That makes no difference to me because I enjoy it. When you write there are no limits. It is as if your words are actors and they portray various thoughts, emotions and experiences. I will be delving into all kinds of topics. I may also be a little disillusioned about life and admittedly naïve about people. Thus, the blog title– “Realistic Optimist”. I expect the worst from people BUT I always hope for the best. Is it a sign of the times that I am more surprised by good behavior and kindness?? Maybe… I never stop believing in people and their potential.

Enjoy my posts, pages and pics.

Just like singing, dancing, and painting, I may not be great at any, BUT I enjoy the hell out of it all. I sing at the top of my lungs. I dance like I am auditioning for Juilliard. I paint as if it will be treasured by future generations. I write for pleasure and joy. If anyone can learn from it or see something from another perspective, then it was all worth it.




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